Toru Asuka/Techniques
Character Info
Kanji Name 飛鳥 享
Romanji Name Asuka Toru
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1/8
Blood Type A
Team Yoin Academy
Position Defender, Libero
Number 5
First Appearance
Manga Unknown
Anime Unknown
Voice Actor
Voiced By Yoshihisa Kawahara


Goal Protecting/Counterattack


Asuka discussing his purpose as a defender.

Asuka carefully analyzed how strikers will shoot once in front of the goal and discovered the gap left opened by the goalkeeper.This lead Asuka to create a combination with his goalkeeper that is said to be unbreakable.[1] The combination involves the keeper moving towards the enemy, and thereby minimalizing the shooting range, while Asuka covers the remaining side of the goal. In response to high balls, Asuka states that with his current height of 175cm and the addtional 75 cm from jumps, he is able to block most of the incoming shots. In addition, to clearing the ball, Asuka plans to utilize this opportunity to launch a counterattack by sending the ball directly to the front line.[2]

Strong Defense


Asuka guarding Kakeru.

As the center of Yoin's defense, Asuka possesses a wide-vision of the field and knowledge that make Yoin's defense hard to break through. He is aware of the ability of each player and shouts out commands to other defenders to mark the opponents.[3] In addition to strong guarding, he is also capable of tricking his opponents into creating an offside pass.

Even though it was noted that he rarely single marks a player, he demonstrated his ability in his matches against Enoshima. During both matches, he paid close attention to Kakeru and was not deceived by Enoshima's fancy passes. This allow him to reduce Enoshima's offensive power and preventing them from scoring.

Assisting Offense


Asuka breaking through Enoshima's defense.

Not only is Asuka's responsible for defense, he is also a key player in offense. He is often seen charging toward the front line to deliver an attack himself. Otherwise, he is seen making long and accurate passes to aid other offensive players like Onimaru.


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