Toru Asuka/Relationships
Character Info
Kanji Name 飛鳥 享
Romanji Name Asuka Toru
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1/8
Blood Type A
Team Yoin Academy
Position Defender, Libero
Number 5
First Appearance
Voice Actor


Akira Takajo


Practicing together as teammates.

Before the beginning of the series, Asuka and Takajo were teammates in the Yokohoma Junior Team. It was shown in a flashback that the two would practice together. Asuka even discussed his unique style as a defender with Takajo. During a match against Kamakura Middle School, they were both defeated by Suguru. Later on,they were both selected to the U-19 team and trained together. Asuka and Takajo seem to have a very casual relationship with both recognizing each other as a formidable opponent. Asuka addresses him as Taka.

Kakeru Aizawa


Asuka talking with Kakeru and Nana.

Asuka first noticed Kakeru while watching his game against Shonen High. Kakeru's performance managed to exceed his expectation, which reminded Asuka of his match against Suguru. During the match against Enoshima, Asuka was especially wary of Kakeru and even started single marking him, to which Yusuke of Kamakura commented to be rare. Although Enoshima lost in the end, Asuka didn't feel as if he won. Before Enoshima's match with Sagamigaura, he told Kakeru that he will be praying for their victory so that the two teams can face off again.

Later during their rematch, Asuka tightly marked Kakeru once again. In the last crucial moments, he was unable to stop Kakeru's newly evolved Phi Trick, thus allowing Enoshima to tie the game and eventually winning the match through penalty kicks. Afterwards, he revealed that he has no regret. The further relationship to Kakeru is still unknown but it can be assumed that Asuka sees Kakeru as a talented player, and, perhaps, a great rival.

Suguru Aizawa

During his time in the Yokohama Youth Team, Asuka played off against Kamakura Middle School. They were easily dominating the match until Suguru arrived in the last ten minutes and overturned the match with two goals and one assist. This loss motivated Asuka to train harder to become a professional, eventually leading him to where he is today. Despite not being a close acquaintance of Suguru like Takajo is, Asuka fully respects Suguru as both a genius and a hardworking player.

Haruki Onimaru

Onimaru is one of Asuka's teammates on Yoin's soccer team. The two have a good relationship both in and outside of the field. The two can always be seen together watching matches and discussing plans with each other. In a match, Asuka and Onimaru demonstrate a good partnership that allow them to carry out difficult long passes that opens up an opportunity to score goals.