Mine Ayaka
Ayaka mine

Kanji/Kana 峰 綾花
Rōmaji Mine Ayaka
Also Known As
Gender Female
Blood Type
Occupation Clinical Psychotherapist
School Enoshima High School (graduate)
Team(s) Enoshima FC
Status Alive
Manga Debut 007. Heart
Anime Debut Ep03: A Brother's Pulse
Seiyū Sayaka Ohara
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Ayaka Mine (峰 綾花 Mine Ayaka?) was Suguru Aizawa's mental counselor before the accident and became Kakeru's after the traumatic experience. She is shown to have known Coach Iwaki back during high school.


Mine Ayaka was the manager of Enoshima FC's football club when Teppei Iwaki and Jouji Uryuu created Enoshima FC separately from Coach Kondo's Enoshima SC. She also attended Toyoko University with Coach Iwaki at the same time and graduated with a psychology major before she went on to become a clinical psychotherapist.


Ayaka has dark hazelnut eyes and short brown hair. As Kakeru describes her, she is a physically attractive woman. She usually wears a long white coat over her normal clothes when she works at Kamakura Central Hospital.


Ayaka is a particularly secretive and reserved woman. Despite her position as a clinical psychotherapist, she is fascinated by spirituality and the human mind as shown by her strong interest towards the theory of Suguru's soul still living in the heart that was transplanted into Kakeru. She is also good at analyzing people when trying to understand their motives.

Behind her intellect, she hides an emotional pain related to Suguru's death, so much that she is not willing to talk about him when asked. Furthermore, she can also get very emotional when she is upset about something.


Area no Kishi - Ayaka Mine (10 years ago)

Young Ayaka

She was first seen when Kakeru spotted her hugging Suguru just outside of the Aizawas' house. After the accident, Dr. Mine formally introduced herself as Kakeru's clinical psychotherapist and announced him that Suguru passed away in the accident, following the parents' request. During Kakeru's recovery and early follow-up, she worked with him to ensure his mental stability and she was also the one asking Kakeru to continue playing soccer at least for practice. After the subject of the heart transplant became known to Kakeru and following the match against Tsujido, Ayaka exposed him the theory that Suguru's memories being transferred along with his heart. Since, she appears now and then to monitor Kakeru's progress as a player.


Aizawa Suguru

Ayaka met Suguru when he sustained a shoulder injury. He approached for counseling on how to deal with pressure and told her about nightmares he made as a result. The nature and extent of their relationship remains mostly unknown as Ayaka doesn't want to talk about it.

Aizawa Kakeru  

In the early months following the accident, Kakeru worked on a regular basis with Ayaka to cope with his brother's death and maintain his mental stability. Later, she told Kakeru about Suguru's insecurities behind his apparent cool-headedness as well as the theory of memory transfer along with the heart.

Teppei Iwaki

According to Coach Kondo, Coach Iwaki used to ask advice from Ayaka often when he was a player. Since Coach Iwaki overheard a conversation about the heart transplant, both had heated arguments about Kakeru's path to take as a player. From Ayaka's own admission, she still resents Coach Iwaki for not following her advice which would have led him into a very successful playing career. Nonetheless, a flashback of her first meeting with Suguru in chapter 213 reveals that Ayaka talked about Coach Iwaki's past during the meeting and it is hinted that she still cares about him.


Area no Kishi - Jouji Uryuu, Teppei Iwaki & Ayaka Mine (10 years ago)

Uryuu Jouji, Iwaki Teppei and Mine Ayaka, 10 years ago

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