Mina Nakae
Mina Nakae
Character Info
Kanji Name 中江ミナ
Romanji Name Nakae Mina
Gender Female
Team Nadeshiko Japan
Position Defender
Number 4
First Appearance
Anime Episode 18: "Seven's Rival"
Voice Actor
Voiced By Tomo Muranaka
Mina Nakae is the Number 4 for Nadeshiko Japan


Despite the fact that she is only 22 years old, it is indicated that she represented Japan for a long time as a defender, which implies that she played in several junior levels before she became part of the senior team.

Mina also appears to have solid experience in modelling for fashion magazines.


Mina has dark red neck-length hair and black eyes. She is 169 cm (5 ft 6 in) tall and has a slender body.

When in training, she usually wears the official Nadeshiko Japan's training kit which consists a sky blue top and shorts. She can also be seen wearing black trousers with two white strips on the side after training sessions. While playing for the Nadeshiko Japan Team, she wears a blue football uniform with the number 4 printed on the back.


Just like Taeko Ishiki, Mina is a serious person when it comes to football. She is among those who try to teach Mai Murasaki to be more aware of her surroundings when the latter goes into position to receive a pass.


Taeko Ishiki

Mina and Taeko appear to be good friends off the field.