These are some of the locations which are part of the story in Area no Kishi

The Aizawa House

Area no Kishi - Aizawa House (Day)

The Aizawas' house

This family house in Kamakura is where the Aizawa family lives. Built with 2 floors, the house has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen with a dining room, and a living room. Since the accident, Suguru's room was preserved up to this day.

Higashihama Beach

Area no Kishi - Higashihama beach

Higashihama Beach. In the background, we can see Enoshima Tower.

One of the many beaches that makes the region popular to young Tokyoites because of proximity to the capital, Higashihama Beach is part of the small town of Fujisawa, bordering Kamakura. It is also the place where both Enoshima High School soccer teams train part-time in the process of practicing stronger and more daring moves without any fear. The specific area that was used as a setting in the story is the beach located east of the small bridge that goes south towards Enoshima Island.

Kamakura Hospital

Area no Kishi - Kamakura Hospital

Kamakura Hospital

Kamakura Hospital is the local hospital in Kamakura. It is where Kakeru recovered after the accident and also where he received psychological counseling under the supervision of Dr. Mine after the recovery period.

The Aizawa Family grave

Area no Kishi - Aizawa Family Grave

The Aizawa Family Grave

Located in a cemetary in Kamakura, the Aizawa Family grave is the place where Kakeru, Nana and Leonardo Silva came to pay their respects to Suguru in Chapters 12 (Episode 04 of the anime series) and 293.