Phi Trick

  • Kakeru accidentally discovers Phi Trick while attempting to overcome his weakness of looking at the ball while dribbling. For a while, he has been practicing hard at perfecting the technique. It finally made its debut during an intense match against Tsujido where it was used to score the point that sealed Enoshima's victory.[1] Ever since then, Kakeru has used Phi Trick against many tough opponents and eventually developed two new improved versions. Phi Trick has become Kakeru's signature move and is often key in securing victory for the team. The normal Phi Trick simply involves Kakeru kicking the ball behind his opponent's back with his heel at the moment the opponent focuses on the ball. This creates the illusion that the ball has disappeared and confuses the opponent. While, the opponent is distracted, he advances forward to meet the incoming ball.[2] Due to the shape created by the path of the ball and the players, this technique was named Phi Trick.

Phi Trick Evolution

  • After realizing his Phi Trick will be useless against tougher opponents, Kakeru begins to work on Phi Trick Evolution with the help of Nana. Similar to the original Phi Trick, this technique also requires Kakeru to kick the ball behind the opponent's back. However, instead of kicking the ball out to the side and changing direction to meet the ball, Kakeru kicks the ball with an added spin. The added spin makes sure the ball travels in an arc so that the ball eventually comes back to Kakeru's original path after passing the opponent player. [3]This technique was first used during Enoshima's rematch against Yoin. With Phi Trick completely useless against Toru Asuka [4], Kakeru took a risk and relied on this new trick. The gamble proved to be successfuly and became a key factor in determining the outcome of the match. Later on, Kakeru uses this improved version against Kamakura.

Phi Trick Revolution

  • The third Phi Trick appeared on the spur of the moment. In a practice match against, Leonardo Silva, Kakeru realizes that both the original and evolved Phi Trick wouldn't be enough to pass his opponent. Not wanting to give up, Kakeru went with his instincts and thus Revolution was born. Afterwards, even he was surprised, because he had no idea he could do something like this.So far, Phi Trick Revolution has not been clearly explained but the it is said that the ball travel in a different path than the previous two Phi Tricks. Unlike before where only the ball seems to disappear, both Kakeru and the ball disappear together. By the time, the opponent player realizes what happened, Kakeru will have already passed them.

Run with the Ball

  • Before perfecting Phi Trick, Run with the Ball was Kakeru's main weapon to pass other players. He first used this technique in his last middle school match with his Kamakura teammates. It is said to be a high-leveled technique that requires a wide field of vision and instantaneous decision making skills [5]


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