Suguru Aizawa

Suguru is Kakeru's big brother and is said to be the best football player in his age group in Japan, also hailed as "the Savior of japanese football". Back in elementary school, the two of them had a very close relationship. However that changed in middle school, because Suguru wouldn't accept the fact that Kakeru became a manager and quit playing, so much that he accused him of "running away" from football and that they would even fight sometimes. After Suguru's death and after finding his diary, Kakeru realizes how much his brother actually cared about him: his biggest dream was based on Kakeru. Since then, Kakeru caries his brother's soul and feelings in his heart, the literal and metaphorical way. Suguru would always be by Kakeru's side and sometimes even give him "advice" by reminding him of the past during games.

Mito Aizawa

Kakeru and Mito have a good brother-sister relationship. Mito was seen trying to stop the argument when Suguru got angry at Kakeru for always running alway. Later, she expressed her worries to Suguru about where Kakeru always go at night. When Kakeru and Suguru got hurt in the accident, Mito was very shocked and cried. She was happy and relieve to see Kakeru alive after the heart transplant surgery. Mito is aware of Kakeru's crush on Nana and sometimes would tease him about it.

Love Interest/Fiancee

Nana Mishima

Kakeru and Nana finally kiss 497-1516

Kakeru and Nana finally kiss

Nicknamed "Seven", Nana is Kakeru's childhood friend and secret, though obvious, crush. When they were young, they both played as forwards on the same team. He has had feelings for her ever since they were children but never revealed his thoughts to her. Before she moved to America, Kakeru, Suguru, and Nana made a promise that they would all wear the Samurai Blue uniform together. He also witnessed Nana "confessing" to his brother Suguru, when in reality, she was only leaving a farewell gift for the two brothers. Because of this misunderstanding, Kakeru always believed that the one Nana likes is his brother.

When she came back, they are still as close as ever and Kakeru views Nana as a genius soccer player while often amazed by her skills. After he eventually found out about Nana joining Japan Nadeshiko, he felt left out being the only one out of to fulfill their promise. Eventually, he came to accept and concentrate forward at his own pace. From then on, he fully supports Nana in her decision and often comes to watch her matches. At night, Kakeru and Nana have a frequent routine of practicing football in the park. These practice session allowed Kakeru to develop and evolve his signature move, the Phi Trick.

After the Enoshima team won the regionals and got the chance to participate in the All Japan High School Soccer Tournament, the team gathered at a shrine to make their wishes for the winter season. Besides wishing for winning the tournament, Kakeru revealed his intention to confess his feelings to Nana if they become the champions. Yet Kakeru chooses to confess at an early point, but always gets shy and nervous at the last minute causing him to rebuff other nonsense.

Kakeru and Nana Epilogue

The two finally engaged

After the Japanese Olympic team wins the test match against Frankfurt and with Yuusuke's support[1], Kakeru finally confesses to Nana. She then cries in happiness while saying that her feelings were never one-sided. The two finally kiss under the evening sky, where their friendship finally turned to romance even after graduating from Enoshima High. In the epilogue, Kakeru made it into the World Cup final. On the eve of the final, Kakeru was approached by Nana with a ring on her finger, revealing their engagement.


Yuusuke Saeki

Yusuke is Kakeru's good friend from Kamakura Middle School. It seems that the two met while turning in their soccer club application together and quickly became best friends. They both share a passionate love for soccer and respect each other as talented players. During the last match of middle school, Yusuke and Kakeru were able to work together to score two goals even when the time is running out. When Yusuke realized that Kakeru was transferring to Enoshima High, he tried to talk him out of it and revealed that he would be lonely. After Kakeru assures him that they still have chances to play together as teammates, Yusuke began to support him in his decision.

After they both became vital members of their respective teams, Kakeru and Yusuke can be seen cheering each other on during matches. Kakeru views Yusuke not only as an important friend and support, but also a worthy rival he doesn't want to lose to.

Kota Nakatsuka

Kouta is another one of Kakeru's friends during Middle School. Because his grades were not good enough to move on to Kamakura High, he also transferred to Enoshima High, to the surprise of Kakeru and Nana. Although an SC member at first, he remained loyal to his friendship with Kakeru and joins the FC like old times. Kouta also recognizes Kakeru's talent and thinks of him as an amazing guy. Kouta and Kakeru works well together since they have been teammates since middle school. Even though Kouta's crosses are unpredictable, Kakeru is able to receive it due to a good understanding of Kouta.

Ryuuichi Araki

Kakeru deeply respects Araki for his magical passes that even his brother acknowledged. Mainly to play football with this genius midfielder, Kakeru enrolled in Enoshima High in hopes of receiving passes from Araki himself. However, his initial impression of Araki was vastly different from the Araki described in Suguru's diary. Araki claimed to have retired from football and became disillusioned after failing to participate in any important matches. Not giving up, Kakeru managed to open his eyes by suggesting a "phantom pass route" that can only be achieved with two people. The two proved to be a formidable combination as seen in their first match together against the SC. Even though the two have yet to build chemistry, they successfully pulled off a magical trick that gave FC a goal. Throughout the series, Araki and Kakeru work well together as the playmaker and the striker. Their combination has led Enoshima High to victory in many matches.

Kouichi Hibino

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Mine Ayaka

Mine is Kakeru's psychiatrist and counselor after Suguru's death. Her motives remain unclear, but it seems she strongly believes in the idea of Suguru living within Kakeru.

Akira Takajo

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Toru Asuka

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Haruka Shiki

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